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Bruno Tinucci has been described as 'the artistic voice of Tuscany.' A self taught painter, Bruno is inspired by the stunning scenery of his native land and employs a distinctive palette of vibrant colours to interpret both the appearance and the atmosphere of this most beautiful of landscapes. He has a unique ability to capture the eye-catching scarlet of a field of poppies, the golden shades of a sunflower, or the changing light of the seasons in his striking impressionistic oil paintings.

Bruno's paintings have been on display since 1972 in some of the most prestigious galleries in Italy. He has enjoyed a number of sell-out shows in Milan and Florence and he currently exhibits in over 25 permanent exhibitions throughout Italy. His paintings have been bought by both public and private collectors from all over the world.

At his 1974 exhibition at 'La Garda' in Milan, the Italian television art critic Mauro Innocenti said of Bruno Tinucci: ''The tradition of Tuscan Art that is represented in the so called 'Pittura Labronica' finds a worthy advocate in Tinucci. People nowadays are interested in artistic pieces of great value and that is exactly what Bruno Tinucci's paintings are. However not only does he keep tradition alive but he also expresses it with a modern style that shows his deep understanding of the lessons contemporary art has given us.''


Bruno Tinucci
Oro della Toscana I

Oro della Toscana I by Bruno Tinucci 
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32 X 16 inches
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