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Camilla Dowse

Camilla uses a refined palette of soft colours to create quiet and contemplative urban landscapes. In her serene and calming paintings, towns and cities become unpopulated, the streets deserted, the buildings abandoned. Her artist’s eye is caught by such small, overlooked architectural details as an ornate cornice, a rusting fire escape, a piece of crumbling stonework or unusual lettering set against a faded Victorian façade. All these appear in her work, but their everyday nature is elevated by her exceptional gift subtly dusting each scene with sunlight and shadow.

Camilla’s conviction with her materials is a result of many years of creative evolution. She works in acrylics on gesso, mixing gesso herself using grey French chalk, and loves what she calls its ‘substantial’ nature.

The porous surface of the gesso lends itself well to the period buildings she paints and she feels it almost mimics old brickwork and absorbs the paint. She does varnish each piece, but with a lightness of touch so as to protect it but not compromise the matt gesso surface.

Camilla studied graphic design and advertising over a four year diploma course which included extensive drawing and painting classes. She has been a practising artist for over twenty years. Her mesmerising work has been shown in a number of galleries and exhibitions in the UK. Her many corporate clients include Hicks Baker and Blackwells in the UK and Nextera Enterprises LLC in the states.

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