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Cristina Bergoglio

Cristina seeks to create “urban poetry” on canvas, and aims to capture the ever-changing atmosphere of the metropolis within her works. Her creative process begins with photographing and sketching her compositions in situ, and then returning to the studio to complete her usually large-scale works. She uses a combination of acrylic and oil, along with other mediums with her own specially manufactured spatulas to build up texture and depth.

Her cityscapes are characterised by their strong sense of movement and bold, painterly textures. The work does not focus on the details of the building, the cars or the people, but rather the living, breathing atmosphere of the city. Cristina often chooses to include a bridge in her compositions, because to her they ‘convey a message of communication between people, ideas and cultures’.

Before forging a successful career as an artist, Cristina studied Architecture and Urbanism at the National University of Córdoba, Argentina, where her passion for the urban landscape began. Although based at her loft-style studio in Madrid, Cristina enjoys exploring and studying her favourite cities such as London, Paris and New York, finding inspiration in ‘the vitality, movement and sensuality’ of each location.

Over the last three decades Cristina has featured as one of the ‘Top 60 Masters of Contemporary Art’ in the Art Tour International magazine, won the Emerging Soul Award at the World Contemporary Artist awards in Hong Kong and was presented with the prestigious ‘Virgin de las Viñas’ acquisition prize in Spain. There is also a piece of Cristina’s work hung in the Vatican, which features the Italian city of Assisi. Her work can be found in corporate and private collections around the world and has been exhibited extensively in Europe and the United States. She has also had more than 30 solo exhibitions over the course of her career.

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