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David Brett

Exploring the ground between the representational and the abstract, David Brett’s vibrant works aim to capture a transformational moment of light, colour and shape. His rich, expressive paintings use fictional landscapes that borrow from different locations as a vehicle to evoke emotion and mood rather than to represent a specific place. While the English landscape is at the heart of his work, he is inspired by the light and colours of the Mediterranean and often uses these elements to reinterpret a scene in a way that makes it at once both familiar and mysterious.

David takes photographs for reference, recording elements of the landscape. His imagination may be fired by visiting a particular place, but rather than seeking to represent it, he aims to remove unnecessary detail in order to capture the essence of the place. A frequent motif in his work is the tree, partly because of its sculptural qualities, but also its universal recognition as a symbol of life across many cultures. He builds up layers of sometimes clashing shades, using a variety of brush and palette knife strokes in the punchy, bright colours that he loves to work with to achieve a dynamic effect.

Born in Hull and brought up in Reading, Berkshire, David now regards himself as a Londoner, having lived in the capital for the last 20 years. He works as both a journalist for the London Evening Standard and as an artist. He has sold paintings to clients across the UK and internationally, has featured in over 20 solo and joint exhibitions, and his work has been shown in the Daily Telegraph and GQ magazine.

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