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Lyrical and luminous descriptions of the feminine

Always an exceptional painter of the female figure, Domingo experienced a turning point in his artistic journey when he began to explore the possibilities of pastels. The combination of his lyrical, almost romantic style with the softness and subtlety of the medium was remarkable, and he began to develop an authoritative compositional style. He uses handmade coloured papers as his surface, and these are an integral part of the background on which he creates works of extreme beauty.

There can be few artists who can sketch with such a meticulous eye for colour and skin tone as Domingo. He works from a library of his own photographs, which provide the inspiration for his pastels. His wife, Rosa-Maria, is the dark-haired model featured in many works and the wives and former girlfriends of his sons have all posed for him, although he uses professional models for the more revealing studies.

Domingo was born in Barcelona 1942. Having completed his studies in 1966, he spent some time in London before embarking on a successful career as a book illustrator. In 1971 he began editing an art magazine in Madrid. Living in Madrid was the catalyst for his artistic evolution, and as his pastel studies became more popular, he resigned to pursue a career as a full time artist in 1975.

His exquisite figurative pastels are highly acclaimed and extensively collected. He exhibits in high profile venues alongside many of Spain’s most distinguished contemporary artists. His original paintings are now commanding high prices across Europe.

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