Fabian Perez


Watch Fabian Perez - exclusive studio tour

July 2020

Buscando Amor

October 2019

El Amor

June 2019

Intimos Momentos

April 2019

Passion De Noche

November 2018

Unveiling at UK November Tour 2018

October 2018

Passion De Noche Originals Brochure

October 2018

Waiting for the romance to come back

July 2018

Ambiente Latino

May 2018

Contemplacion Tour 2017

November 2017


November 2017

Fabian Perez Unveils Portrait Of Argentina Presidential Family

June 2017

Fabian Perez tour advert

June 2017

Cinc Sentidos

May 2017

Experience the heat of PasiĆ³n

November 2016

Visit Fabian Perez website

March 2016

Fabian Perez Intimate Moments

January 2015

Fabian Perez Magazine

January 2014

Fabian Perez New Release

January 2013

Fabian Perez A Moment Beyond Music

January 2013

Fabian Perez Anticipation

January 2009

Fabian Perez San Telmo

January 2009

Fabian Perez Sensacion

January 2009

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