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Gail Troth

Gail Troth is a fascinating figure whose mesmerising images reflect our modern preoccupation with combining art, science and philosophy. Her interests range from art history to physics and this is reflected in her work.

Biological, physical and cultural systems and the universal principles that connect them intrigue her and she enjoys giving artistic life to these concepts. She pays tribute to artists such as M.C Escher whose interlocking motifs seem to capture infinity on the printed page, Georges Seurat for his work with light and colour theory, and the unconventional and process-orientated work of Bernard Frize. But many scientists and authors have also had a major influence on her creative development including Steve Jones, Brian Cox and Dana Zohar.

Gail’s charismatic icons and atmospheric landscapes are unlike anything else on the contemporary scene. Each one has a huge dramatic impact when viewed from a distance, while closer examination reveals a whole world of creativity which has taken place under the surface, a smooth abstraction which is beautiful in its own right. While many artists are defined by their distinctive brush work, Gail is defined by its complete absence, as she has developed a unique and striking technique.

Describing her work as “paintings that self organise to generate surprising outcomes” she first prepares her materials which can take several days depending on subject matter and number of shades used. This initial stage must be completed before she commences work, as once she begins there is no time to mix or rethink, as the paint takes on a life of its own.

After mapping out guidelines, Gail uses pigments and gels in dropper bottles to build up a series of ‘paint pools’. The guidelines are soon covered as the pools of paint become concentric circles which remain discrete, yet have an incremental effect upon the entire painting, echoing the way that smallest movement has a small, but very real, influence on everything else in the universe. As the paint progresses across the canvas, detail and planning begin to be absorbed by artistic freedom which Gail then steps in to control using the dropper bottles to redistribute the paint and influence its journey. The outcome is both extraordinary and captivating.

Gail was educated at the Dame Elizabeth Cadbury Art School, undertaking the BIAD Bournville Foundation Course Art & Design, then graduated from the University of Central England with a first class honours degree in fine art. Since then her work has been extensively exhibited across the UK and her impressive list of collectors ranges from actors and racing drivers to major corporations such as Direct Line and Ernst & Young. She has also received numerous awards including 1st Prize (St. Martin’s Art Commission), Silver Medal (Whitworth Wallace Painting Competition) and 1st Prize (Golley Slater Fine Art Award), and she has been widely featured in the media as a result.

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