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Jeanette Innala

The evocative abstract work of Jeanette Innala explores and reflects the textures, colours and poetry of life, drawing on the lush green forests, the blues of the ocean and the many shaded mountains of her home. Using a range of different mediums such as inks, spray paint, resin and digital elements, she builds layer upon layer of rich, vibrant colour to create a unique linguistic palette and personal signature which is central to every piece.

In this way each elegant abstract becomes is a metaphor for Innala’s own life, made up of experiences which overlay one another to transform the whole. Deeply intuitive, she views chance as an essential element in the creative process, and allows her work to evolve organically. For her every individual composition is a wholly new experience, and painting instinctively she lets it reveal itself to her as she works. “The colours of love, happiness, change and transformation fill the work in the same way that they fill my life” she says, “and every artwork is in itself a translation of my inner and outer life.”

Born in 1968 in Skellefteå Sweden, Innala flourished in a creative home environment where self-expression was encouraged, and this combined with her interest in the history of art, mysticism and symbolism to drive her creative passion. After travelling extensively she settled back home in Sweden where she now lives and works.

Innala has established an international career as an artist with works in both public and private collections across Europe including that of the Government Office Art Department in Gothenburg, Sweden. In 2021 a collection off 30 pieces was acquired by Deji Art Museum in Nanjing, China for a solo exhibition in 2022.

“I am in dialogue with everything around me every day - colors, textures and forms. Art is a space of universal flow that I move into every time I pick up the brush and paint and in that space the buzz of life is silenced. It creates a bridge between the world around me, my senses and the universal spirit, my place of freedom and tranquility”.

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