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Jennifer Hogwood

Jennifer Hogwood has a love of animals which has informed and inspired her work for many years. Living in Cornwall, she is a short walk from the beach and is constantly overwhelmed by the beauty of the sea, sky, cliffs, weather and of course the wildlife. Spending every day in such close proximity to the ocean has raised her awareness of environmental issues and has brought home to her the fragility of the natural world. This has influenced her path and her work reflects her love for our precious landscape and the wildlife that inhabits it.

Her most recent collections feature an exotic array of creatures portrayed in a fabulous range of monochromes, colours, styles and finishes. Jennifer uses a stunning range of materials to embellish her pieces with, such as diamond dust and gold leaf. This increases the impact of these bold centrepiece paintings, and as she comments, “gives these wonderful animals the attention they deserve”

Born in 1980, Jennifer grew up in a rural village in Bedfordshire. Surrounded by rolling fields she spent as much time as possible outdoors often riding. Although she always loved painting and being creative she had no formal art training and is completely self taught and it is her passion that has driven her success.

“I have an inbuilt love of animals so my creative reaction to some of our environmental issues was to highlight the incredible array of creatures that inhabit our world. I wanted to make them big, bold and eye catching - to stop people in their tracks. Through painting I hope I can highlight the beauty and wonder of wildlife from around the world and bring some important issues to the forefront of people’s minds.”

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