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Keith Stewart

Keith Stewart explores classic imagery and iconography through striking colour palettes and contemporary techniques. An heir to the tradition of pop art but firmly rooted in the present day, he is comfortable working with computers as well as traditional crafts; digital design, newspaper montage, spray paints, silk screen stencilling and resin finishes are all key to his vibrant and thought provoking compositions.

Keith’s ingenious concepts carry an interesting message in the modern world, illustrating the relationship between different elements in a thought provoking and often witty way. Having worked closely over the years with some of the world’s biggest brands, he enjoys playing with popular cultural concepts, for instance swapping the value of the content to the consumer, by replacing Chanel No. 5 with Coca cola.

Keith is inspired by his love of music and his interest in iconic people and objects and typography. He often finds that working on one piece leads him on to in investigate new paths. Sometimes the momentum to create a piece comes from the simplest incident which resonates with him such as buying a Fab (ice lolly) for his daughter sparking the concept of a Fab Four Beatles image.

His creative influences come from the world of pop art and design and he cites Saul Bass, famous for his movie credit sequences, and Andy Warhol as two of his key influences. He also admires the classic album cover artwork by Peter Saville and the bold colourful imagery generated by skateboard culture. He is an avid collector and has built a substantial reference library of images and examples of typography, which he uses for research before he begins work on a new idea.

Born in Surrey in 1975, Keith now lives and Nottingham and has a Victorian studio in the Creative Quarter. After studying typography and desktop publishing he worked as a graphic designer with a broad spectrum of huge brands including Ferrari, Dolce & Gabbana, Disney and Universal Studios. He has been creating artwork in various formats for over 20 years, from early days when they were typographical up to his latest pieces which are exciting mixed media collages. He has exhibited in London and internationally.

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