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Marcus Botbol

Marcus Botbol was born in the Moroccan city of Meknes in 1957 but moved as a child to the ancient, cosmopolitan city of Ramla in Israel. The diverse character of the city’s population and culture meant he grew up in what he has described as ‘a kaleidoscope – a colourful mosaic’, and this has proved to be a lifelong source of inspiration.

Botbol studied art at the school of art Midrasha in Jaffa and went on to work under the guiding hand of well-known Israeli painter Moshe Gat. Gat encouraged him to become artistically independent of any existing movements or group and although Botbol’s early work was heavily influenced by the Cubists, he followed this advice and over the years has forged a unique style.

Although Botbol’s artistic intentions have changed and evolved from painting into different areas and materials, he has always sought to attain compositional harmony; in his most recent work, he explores the possibilities of three dimensions, translating his ideas into breath-taking aluminum wall sculptures.

These dazzling statement pieces are painted in a vibrant double-layered metallic palette and coated in a gleaming hand applied varnish, which enhances the colorful composition and accentuates the vitality of the painted shapes and figures. Much of the collection is built around the ideas of freedom and diversity, and the butterflies which are such a significant part of his work are clear and colourful symbols of freedom, optimism and transformation.

Botbol now keeps a studio for painting in his home city of Ramla and a sculpture studio in Moshav Sitria. His work is on show in across Israel and the United States and this collection marks his European debut.

“My life choice is to create joy through the colours and uplifting concepts I pursue in my art, both for myself and for others.”

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