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Mia Cameron

Mia's beautiful hand-made original mixed media compositions offer a subtle examination of the light, and her attention to small details contrasts with the empty skies to create both a sense of space and a sense of place in her work.

Born in Capri to an Italian mother and Scottish father, Mia's idyllic early childhood was spent in a vivid sunlit world of blue skies warm seas. in 1990 at the age of 10 she moved back to Scotland with her family. Here she saw a very different side of coastal life, and this was the one with which she fell in love.

Mia is an adventurous young artist with a distinctive and highly identifiable style. She approaches each individual painting in a unique way, employing materials which best interpret each idea. She sees beauty in the light, pattern, and textures of the shore, and these are the qualities that are so expertly captured within her mesmerising images.

Mia’s breathtaking work has been exhibited across the UK and Europe and in numerous private collections.

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