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Nuala Mulligan

Drawing upon her love of the camera and the relationship between the image and the viewer Nuala Mulligan creates bold experimental prints of iconic faces, objects and ideas.

While studying Fine Art Mixed Media at the University of Westminster Mulligan was inspired to discover the many ways in which materials can be manipulated in order to strengthen an image. Her distinctive interpretations are created through screen printing, and show, she says, “what you can hide in the dark and bring out in the light. It’s having colour layered upon itself, adding to the idea of beauty, and deciding in the case of multiple images which colours will complement each other.”

Her recent work has explored the multidimensional possibilities of lenticular technology, using lens and light to transform and reveal and to form a tangible relationship with the viewer, through shape shifting and image morphing. Each spectacular image which shifts and changes as the viewer moves around it, encouraging us to embrace our own potential for regeneration and renewal.

Her belief that art is a constant commentary on the world we live in is the driving force behind Nuala’s work. The response of the viewer is a key factor for her and she maintains that art should be a dialogue allowing communication between us all. “I want, within an instant, to tell you something more,” she says.

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