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Pete Hawkins

His early life in Panama city followed by a globetrotting lifestyle as he was growing up have been the defining features of Pete’s life in art. Extensive travelling taught him from a young age to make no assumptions, and to seek out beauty in those things which at first may seem wild or rough. Through his art he has pursued this approach, and elevated many sometimes unexpected subjects into the realms of the extraordinary. His most recent series of oil paintings have been in-depth explorations of time and motion through equestrian and dance-related themes. Ballerinas and thoroughbred horses share the quality of having risen to become the best of themselves and at their heart, both subjects are in what Pete calls “brutally peak condition”.

He believes that the ability to survive endless arduous training and master skills which are so pure, intricate and elegant is something that can be physically observed and this is the quality he aims to capture through his mesmerising and skilful paintings.

Pete has sold work to some prestigious collectors including Maryam Eisler who chairs Tate MENAAC Acquisitions committee, Marsha Williams (widow of the actor Robin Willams) and jewellery designer Stephen Webster.

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