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Raffaele Fiore

Raffaele Fiore’s timeless scenes of Venetian palazzi and the Tuscan landscape transport us effortlessly into a world of light and beauty. He has a unique gift for drawing the viewer in, inviting us to approach the hilltop villa along the cypress-lined path, or trail a hand in the water as we float along the canal to the next low bridge.

Raffaele has been painting for more than 30 years to great acclaim in his home country of Italy and his work has been exhibited all over the world. He is inspired to paint by the natural world and in particular, the beauty of the Italian landscape, both urban and rural. He describes his work as a perennial tribute to reality but he is an instinctive and deeply emotional painter and admits to being ‘in love with colour, light and shadow.’

When choosing a location Raffaele always looks for these three essential elements and this is what drives him time and again to the countryside of Tuscany and the architectural wonders of Venice. He regularly travels around Tuscany in search of the most beautiful views, and he spends time in Venice every year to study the architecture and to sketch and photograph the reflections in the canals and the light on the magnificent ancient facades.

Although he enjoys experimentation with style, genre and medium, Raffaele always return to oils for his painting, believing that they are irreplaceable for their shades and nuances. He is a great admirer of 19th century Italian art, particularly Favretto, Boldini and Santoro and the influence of this period can be seen in his realistic use of light; he says that these works make him feel alive and in balance with the world. He describes painting as his “creative, beloved, personal refuge.”

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