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Ramon Vila

Ramon’s work is based on the idea of extreme realism. Born and brought up in the Spanish city of Olot, his vibrant oil paintings combine sensitivity and grandeur in the style of the Olot School of landscape painters, but they have an extra element which makes his work unique – the flowers in each painting are real. Now based in Marbella, Ramon travels the meadows, lake paths and woodlands where the wild flowers are both plentiful and beautiful. He takes a selection of blooms back to his studio where he treats them with his own sophisticated preservation technique. Each flower is separated into its constituent parts, and every individual leaf and petal is first ‘fossilised’ and then painted. The preserved flowers are then placed into the setting of a landscape painting - back in their natural habitat - and become an extraordinary part of a stunning piece of original artwork.

Ramon’s birthplace was a leading artistic centre and the home of the famous Olot school of landscape artists.

He was greatly influenced and inspired by the artistic community and studied at the Escola Publica de Dibuix d’Olot and later in Barcelona.

After holding his first solo exhibition at 18, he went on to show his work in various exhibitions in Catalonia, and within two years, his success had spread across Europe.

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