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Sean Paul Flores

Sean’s stunning mixed media canvases place cartoon characters from his youth in a contemporary context, and are striking for the upbeat mood, the vibrant palette and the intricacy of the patterns he uses within each highly detailed composition.

He references the retro culture that he loved when he was growing up saying: “I use a lot of nostalgic characters from my youth because I feel like the kid in me will always be in these paintings. That kid that just wanted more.” Like many artists whose early life was challenging, he discovered that creating art made things better, helped him to see through the difficulties and offered a way to overcome his past and to find what he describes as “pure joy”. He is, he says, a positive person with a huge amount of energy, and he believes his work reflects this side of his personality.

Sean was born in Los Angeles, California in 1993, and after spending time in other parts of the United States including his beloved Hawaii, he is now back living and working in his home city. Growing up in LA meant he forged a strong connection to both graffiti and street art and saw them as both an outlet and an escape, an opportunity for reflection and exploration of one’s self. He began to experiment with art and mixed-media at a young age and has carried this fascination with him throughout his life.

Moving on from graffiti he began his career in the world of fashion, painting custom designs on sneakers, but soon branched out into creating the images for their own sake on canvas and panels. He developed a highly distinctive style, spray painting the backgrounds onto box canvas, outlining the subjects, and then adding relevant logos or classic pop art images to build interest, pattern, texture and impact. Each piece is finished with high gloss resin to bring out the colours and add clarity. He enjoys working with a spray can as this was his medium of choice in the early days, but over the years has become a highly skilled painter and now loves working with a brush.

Sean’s intention is to spread positivity while exploring some of the key themes of human existence – love, wealth and success. His work is in the collections of a host of American stars, from World Series champion Javy Guerra, New York Mets pitcher Marcus Stroman and NFL heroes Davon Godchaux and Jet Mckinnon to a long list of international DJs and musicians.

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