home approval

Each of our galleries employs a team of professional Art Consultants. These wonderful individuals not only offer free advice about art acquisition for pleasure or for investment, they are also happy to share their knowledge about effective presentation for a piece, and will happily visit your home with artwork for you to view.

When an Art Consultant brings a selection of artwork to your home, there is no obligation to buy; this means the decision making process is both a lot easier and a lot more fun. If you have a wall, a room, or perhaps an entire house that needs to be brought to life with artwork, discussing ideas and possibilities with an expert can help to clarify what you’re looking for; not only what will genuinely enhance your home, but also what will make the most appropriate personal statement to reflect your personality.

Equally, you are more than welcome to take one or more pieces of artwork home for a few days. This allows you to take your time, review all the artwork you love, and choose a piece, or a selection of pieces, that you genuinely want to live with.