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Come and Meet Samantha Ellis

Join us to meet Sam as she unveils her much-anticipated new collection of original paintings and limited editions.

Saturday 26 January - Saturday 26 January

Come and Meet Dylan Izaak

Dylan’s unique approach to cityscape painting has grown out of a fascinating background and lifestyle, involving extensive travel, pavement art,…

Saturday 26 January - Sunday 27 January

Come and Meet Chris and Steve Rocks

Come and meet the phenomenal contemporary artistic partnership of Chris and Steve Rocks. These twin brothers create their monumental…

Saturday 26 January - Sunday 27 January

Come and Meet Henderson Cisz

We are delighted to announce that Henderson will be personally unveiling a stunning exhibition of original paintings alongside his…

Saturday 02 February - Saturday 23 March

Come and Meet Sarah Stokes

Join us to meet Sarah Stokes as she unveils a stunning new exhibition of her inspirational contemporary portrayals of the…

Sunday 03 February - Sunday 03 February