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When Sherree was growing up, it seemed that

everyone in her direct family had some kind of

artistic talent from her artist mother to her sculptor

and stonemason father to herself and her sisters, all

stars of the art room at school.

Not unnaturally, she herself married major British

artist Mark Rowbotham and their four extraordinary

children have grown up to be talented painters,

photographers, sculptors and musicians. The artistic

setting in which Sherree grew up influenced the

whole path of her life, and seemingly, history is

repeating itself.

“American cartoonist Scott Adams famously

commented that creativity is about allowing yourself

to make mistakes and art is knowing which ones to

keep. Mark and I have always believed in this and

encouraged the children to go for it and try things out

in life. It just makes everything more exciting, more

fun, and fills your life with possibilities.” says Sherree.

With this attitude she and her husband have

certainly not raised shrinking violets, and their

oldest daughter


wowed the nation with her

violin playing and singing and had us all in stitches

when she won a hotly competed place in the final of

‘Britain’s Got Talent’

. Her sister Felicity, although

still at school is also a promising violinist, so we

await her next steps with anticipation!