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, the oldest of the Rowbotham

clan, has become a major artistic figure

in his own right, with a distinctive style

which combines loose impressionism

with an almost cinematic narrative

and atmosphere.

His work has been

exhibited to great acclaim in Mayfair

and across the UK.

Mark’s expressive images exude atmosphere

through his use of texture and deep,

rich colours. A regular exhibitor at the

Mall Galleries in London

, he also enjoys

phenomenal success throughout the world and


Jeffrey Archer


Bamber Gascgoine

among his celebrity collectors. In 1993 Mark

was awarded

the coveted Patterson Award

presented by the

Royal Pastel Society

of which

he is a member, and he has since been invited

to join the prestigious

Royal Water-Colour

Society and the Royal Oil Institute.

Mark and Sherree


as art students and

married soon afterwards

and have been inspiring

one another ever since!