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…to this celebration

of the life and work of

the UK’s foremost

modern impressionist

Sherree Valentine Daines.

Sherree has been at the forefront of British

art for 35 years – a truly remarkable

achievement. In these pages we look behind

the scenes and find out what life is like for

this amazing lady who has successfully

juggled a fabulously successful career

with the responsibilities attendant on four

children, a beautiful old house, a strong

social conscience and the demands of

family and friends…to say nothing of a

series of large and unruly dogs.

Sherree is overwhelmed with invitations to

appear on television and in public, and on

her travels meets a lot of people and gets

asked a great many questions. She says:

“This beautiful magazine is my

way of trying to answer some of

those questions for you. It’s been a

memorable few years and there’s

plenty to say, but it’s not just me doing

the talking… You’ll also hear frommy

lovely husband and children, and, I’m

delighted to say, even some collectors.

I hope you find something in these

pages to enjoy and I look forward to

meeting you at future events”.