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Cornwall has left an indelible

mark on Sherree. Every Easter

for the last 30 years her family

has gone down to St Ives with a

big group of friends. She always

takes her paints and easel with

her and loves to paint at every

opportunity; several years ago

she found a brilliant local life

class which she attends whenever

she can (incognito!). She has

painted her own children playing

on the beaches many times over

the years, and the area is full of

memories and history for her;

this emotional connection adds an

extra layer of warmth, intimacy and

affection to everything she paints.

There is a strong sense of life and

activity in all Sherree’s seaside

tableaux. When she paints children,

she encourages them to keep

moving, to behave as they would if

she was not there and they were

unobserved. She says:

“If your

subject is moving as you sketch

and photograph, it allows you to

capture their movements in a way

that somehow a camera doesn’t

quite do. I can fill a sketchpad with

what I call ‘five second sketches’

in preparation for some of these

paintings – as you can probably

imagine children with fishing nets

paddling in the shallows don’t stay

still for an instant!”

She continues:

“Although I am

generally described as a figurative

artist, in many ways the setting for

my figures is as important as they

are. As an impressionist at heart,

I find myself attracted to the way

the colours shift and change with

the passage of time throughout the

day, and her on the West Country

coast, the light and colours are

second to none.”

Seaside inspiration -

every time!

“For many years I

have felt drawn to the

sea both personally

and artistically and

it has been a key

element in my work.”