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Page Background A Walk on the Wild Side Sherree spends an evening with legendary actress and conservationist Virginia McKenna and the Born Free Foundation. 10 A passion for sport 50 ‘Artist to the Stars’ When the great and the good want their portraits painted, Sherree has become their go-to girl. 22 Top ten A quick guide to Sherree’s favourite people, places and things. 24 Way out West Devon and Cornwall have meant a huge amount to Sherree over the years. Here she explains why. 18 The Ten Minute Interview 48 Rapid fire questions for our favourite artist reveal an interest in history and a surprising youthful ambition… A Night with the Stars 52 Sherree spends an evening with a host of celebrities in one of the country’s most beautiful stately homes. A day at the races 34 At home with sherree 40 Sherree gives us a whistle stop tour around her enchanting 18th century home. Vision of Beauty 44 While we are all familiar with Sherree’s society scenes and childhood tableaux, her less well- known female figures are utterly captivating. Forming a good impression A brief personal insight into Sherree’s creative process. Lasting Impressions Sherree’s new collection has captured the heart of the nation. Afternoon Tea (with Champagne) What makes Sherree’s work so special? We asked a new collector who received one of Sherree’s paintings as a surprise gift from her husband. 26 Update 38 All the latest news from an artist’s busy life. Frozen 54 Every year Sherree takes to the slopes and we wonder if we’ll see a snow scene in the next collection! Britain’s Got Talent 12 …and Sherree’s family have more than their fair share of it! Ascot is a family tradition for the Rowbothams, which began when Sherree herself was a girl. From freezing afternoons on the school touchline to Centre Court Wimbledon, sport has always been important to Sherree. Outdoor Girl 32 She may be a modern impressionist but Sherree still respects the historic practise of painting en plein air. 4 30