Michael Simpson New Releases

M I C H A E L S I M P S ON I S WO R L D R E N OW N E D F O R T H E B E A U T Y , C H A R M A N D T E C H N I C A L E XC E L L E N C E O F H I S B R ON Z E W I L D L I F E S C U L P T U R E S . A lifelong fascination with animal behaviour has combined with his outstanding artistic talent to produce works that capture the character and energy of his subjects with remarkable accuracy and affection. This enchanting new pair of bronzes highlights the nature of the bond between parent and child in the animal kingdom in a particularly touching way, ensuring that they appeal to our emotions as well as to our senses. Michael has established an impressive reputation and his work has been sold all over the world. He has collaborated with other artists including the late David Shepherd, and his celebrity collectors include Tom Jones. He has also sold work to raise money for a number of charitable causes including the David Shepherd Wildlife foundation and the Starlight Children’s Foundation. CLICK HERE to purchase your artwork