Yuvi Original Works Brochure

Scientists, superheroes, a rtists, movie stars, animals ... ...all these and many more subjects make appearances in the urban pop art of Israeli artist Yuvi. Using humour and defiance, Yuvi’s work gives an artistic voice to his world view, exploring issues which he cares passionately about, from social criticism to iconic homage, in his deeply personal language. Born in Tel Aviv ‘the other city that never sleeps’ - in the 1970s, Yuvi spent much of his early life in a hipster neighbourhood known as Florentine which is now the heart of the city’s graffiti scene. He grew up surrounded by graffiti, music, politics and the social agenda of a city with a hugely cosmopolitan character. All these influences combined to ignite his imagination and direct his creative and tempestuous personality into highly expressive and vibrant artistic statements. Purchase your artwork from Yuvi >