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Mona Lisa hits the street with Mr. Brainwash


The exclusive new limited edition from Mr. Brainwash is a show-stopping adventure in time travel in which the most famous face in the history of art, Leonardo da Vinci’s Mona Lisa,  has jumped forwards 500 years to become a central figure in a classic work of street art by one of the genres most famous exponents. Mr. Brainwash has also opted for an unusual circular presentation which celebrates the idea of continuity and reminds us that what goes around comes around! Alongside this, the new collection of originals includes a show-stopping series of original paintings on fibreglass brick wall, in which the graffiti-style image appears to have been sprayed onto the wall which is its natural home. In a witty and ingenious twist, this has then been framed like a conventional artwork to bring the street into the gallery in a whole new way. Finally, he has given us a vibrant collection of sculpture in which love, art and fantasy combine to make this extraordinary collection complete.