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History of DC Comics


DC Comics has been hugely successful since its birth in 1934 and has been responsible for the creation of many of the most iconic characters in fiction – comic book or otherwise. But the path has not always been smooth. There was a time when this industry was under an attack during the 1950s (known as the Golden Age). Social mores of the day proclaimed that comics were not suitable reading matter for American children or young people, and they were frowned on by the establishment. However, DC continued its success along with several other companies, by diversifying their storylines into different genres such as the ever popular western, or tales of romantic intrigue. However, it was their creative commitment to the superhero genre which led them, and thereafter the whole industry into what is now known as the Silver Age.

It was during 1965 that DC re-introduced Flash, a superhero who had been created many years earlier but had lost his popularity. Flash was given a makeover, updated in both his character and setting, and made the subject of more emotional and compelling stories. The storyboards and artwork became more ambitious and more polished, and the response encouraged DC to revitalise their whole cast of superhero characters. New visions of Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman were followed by the creation of the Justice League society and the Justice League of America. With TV shows and cartoons becoming increasingly popular, these characters started to reach wider and more varied audiences and their unique blend of strength and morality proved to have a massive appeal across the generations.

During the 1990s, the popularity of comic books once again began to decline nd once again, DC stepped up with creative solutions. Appealing to a more mature audience with an existing relationahip qith these characetrs from their own childhoods, they took a gamble, and ran some unexpectedly dramatic stories which even included the death of some of the key characters. They then launched the DC Extended Universe (DCEU) which revolutionised the entire industry.

Through their innovation, creativity and daring, DC ensured that their characters stayed at the forefront of the public imagination, through critically acclaimed movies, theme parks and product partnerships. DC Comics and its character have become a universally recognised part of modern life all over the world.