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La Dolce Vita by Kerry Darlington


La Dolce Vita – the sweet life - explores Kerry Darlington’s fascination with life and growth, nature and magic, and draws into her highly recognisable and completely irresistible world.

Kerry’s inspirations come from many places – fairy tales, myths, legends, historical illustrations, nature, her mother…One of the most important over the years has been that of Austrian symbolist painter Gustav Klimt, and this luminous three-dimensional image is a beautiful example of this. Out of her love for this and other Klimt paintings, has grown, almost organically, an entire series of pieces which have become some of Kerry’s signature works.

In many cultures around the world it is believed that when you see a ladybird your first wish will come true. When you purchase this unique edition, you will receive a delightful complimentary ladybird charm, hand signed by Kerry.

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