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Featured Artist of the Week: Keith Proctor


Long established and revered as one of the nation’s outstanding figurative artists, Keith Proctor offers us a completely different style and subject. His nostalgic oil paintings take the viewer back in time, to what he describes as “the simpler world of childhood”. His inspirational work conveys the natural spontaneity and charm of childhood with a rare combination of technical skill and intense affection. Many of Keith’s works are inspired by his youngest son, Jack. Being a Father to four boys has given him a unique insight into his subject. He loves the fact that children are so natural and instinctive and the way that their behaviour is spontaneous and from the heart. He says: “What better subject to paint than children? They pick up on body language very early and use it well. I try to convey this body language in my work, through simple everyday situations, emphasising the humour or pathos.”

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