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Introducing Will Rochfort


Although his subject matter changes constantly, Will Rochfort’s style is consistent across his oeuvre, from crowd scenes to portraiture. He himself places it somewhere between realism and impressionism, saying “I like my work to have a level of realism until you get close and you can see its really quite loose. My paintings are often idealised and always entirely staged using the people around me as models. I see myself as the director, shaping my chosen scene until I am happy and then using this as groundwork to start painting. My focus is on structure and gesture, colour and composition and always seeing the paint at work when you get close." He sets up each scene he paints, booking the right venue or setting, using a full cast of characters and carefully selected handmade props, and of course creating the all-important lighting, before engaging in lengthy photo shoots as well as in sketching and painting from life. Will’s recent work has included some arresting portrayals of movie sets which are inspired directly by behind the scenes shots of old films – fascinating and individual images which are unlike anything else in galleries at the moment.