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Enchanting New Sculpture Collection by April Shepherd


Renowned  British sculptor April Shepherd is an outstanding voice in modern animal portraiture. Her highly expressive works are inspired by her great love of animals and are at once sensitive and unsentimental.

Each piece in this enchanting new collection captures the appearance and attitude of its subject in a way that is both authentic and utterly engaging. They may all be dogs, but here the similarity ends, as each one has its own distinctive  style, personality and charm.

When creating the original smoke fired sculpture, April pushes the boundaries of the materials she works with, exploring what can be achieved with clay, bronze and resin; as the smoke licks around a form it leaves a resinous variegation tracing a permanent record of the fire. Each of these limited editions has been beautifully hand finished  to recreate the appearance of this original smoke firing, giving each individual sculpture a unique tone and colouring.

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