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The Connor Brothers - Uncensored


Irreverent artistic duo The Connor Brothers have launched a new collection of no-holds-barred artworks this November, including previously unseen originals, exclusive hand-embellished editions and hand-painted vintage paperback books. The Brothers (AKA British artists James Golding and Mike Snelle) have been causing a stir for over a decade with the hard-hitting and hugely successful combination of retro design and contemporary satire which reflects their belief that artists should be free and unfettered to speak in their own voice. Uncensored is a collection of witty literary wall art recreating a series of classic book covers in the Brothers’ inimitable style, replacing the titles with amusing, deadpan or plain outrageous assertions to ensure that these pieces pack a punch and create a talking point wherever they go.

Join us in the gallery to view or contact us to find out more or discuss the availability of originals. 

The Connor Brothers' UNCENSORED collection contains explicit language that may cause offence.