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Jack Vettriano - Lunchtime Lovers


Jack Vettriano occupies a unique position on the contemporary art scene. Considered by some to be courageous and by others outrageous, he is something of a maverick figure who operates outside the establishment, yet his work is collected by movie stars and priced at six figures. With studios in Scotland, London and the south of France, he counts Jack Nicholson, Sir Alex Ferguson, Sir Tim Rice and Robbie Coltrane amongst his collectors. His phenomenal success may be attributed to many things, but perhaps his great attraction is the way he seems to be able to look into the lives and motives of others without making a moral judgement, only making an aesthetic one. Jack’s latest release is a classic example of his genius for capturing the intrigue and romance of a single moment. Despite the public setting and the relaxed appearance of the glamorous couple, the enigmatic title suggests illicit intimacy, something perhaps a little clandestine, and we are drawn into an unfolding story that, as always with Vettriano, we can make our own. This much anticipated new edition is expected to sell out on release, so please do contact us today to secure your exclusive artwork.